Zoe Kozub

Zoe started climbing at the age of 15 in 1989.  She met her now-husband Seth in 1990 and together they began training for competitions.  Zoe and Seth trained “in a total void” in Edmonton, spending their time climbing on the University of Alberta climbing wall and on their home walls.  They had no coaching or team support and virtually no routesetting, so they made up their own problems.  They had a huge lack of good climbing holds, which motivated them later in their life to begin their own hold business, Teknik Handholds. As Zoe says, “We loved climbing, we loved making things, we had a massive need for better holds to train on, so it was a perfect fit!”


Zoe and Seth both were named to the Canadian National Team and were team members for over 10 years.  During that time, Zoe won Canadian Nationals multiple times, in all 3 disciplines of boulder, lead and speed.  She was also a finalist in many US National and PCA events.  Finally, she competed at the X Games three times!


Zoe’s competitive career came to an abrupt halt after a severe ankle break, falling from the top of a finals boulder.  After a long break from climbing, she is now back at it recreationally, climbing several days a week at the gym and loving it again.


Her and her husband, Seth, have built a very well established and reputable business recognized world-wide in Teknik Handholds.  “Although I had some success in competition climbing, my greater achievement is certainly Teknik. I just totally love holds, I’m obsessed with them, it’s an obsession that has lasted, unwavering, over two decades and still going strong!