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Calgary Climbing Centre ClimbParks

Two of our facilities have ClimbParks.

CCC Hanger (in the north) and CCC Rocky Mountain (in the west). Wall elements vary at each location.

Our ClimbParks offer an entirely original climbing experience. It’s a fun zone with vertical challenge elements where participants push their limits on our Jump Tower, Maze wall, Balance Pillars, Freefall Slide, Speed walls, Spider Web, Floating Cubes, Disappearing Holds and more. Staff supervise at all times.

No experience required.

$20 per person for a 1-hour session. (Book Online)

Details: Sessions start on the hour. Participants must weigh between 40 and 265 lbs., have signed a waiver form and be wearing clean, non-marking shoes and socks. Ages 4 and up.

Come and Climb! Book a session.

The ClimbPark at CCC Hanger walls:

Speed walls, Maze, Spinning Gears, Fireman Challenge, Bean Stalk, Disappearing Handholds, Mr Happy, Rockwalls, Freefall Slide, Tower Jumps, Pillars, Glow in the Dark Chimney, Fun Wall, Climbing Walls and the Volcano

The ClimbPark at CCC Rocky Mountain walls:

Speed walls, Maze, Spinning Gears, Fireman Challenge, Batman Night, Tree Climb, Giraffe, Tetris Blocks, Dinosaur Bones, Hanging Balls, Kraken Korner, Castle Climb, Twizzler Shake, Spider Web, Floating Cubes, Zipper Chimney, Steering Wheels, Circuit Board and the Eyeballs.

Come and Climb! Book a session.

Current ClimbPark drop-in hours.

Friday – 11am-7pm

Saturday – 10am-6pm

Sunday 10am-5pm

Mon-Thurs (by appointment only)