Thomasina Pidgeon

Thomasina is known for being one of the world’s strongest female boulderers in the early 2000’s and 2010’s.  She was the first Canadian female to climb V10, V11 and V12 and has had over 40 first female ascents of V11 and V12 boulder problems.

She calls Squamish, BC her home base but spends at least half of her time either in the United States or Europe.

From an interview with when asked about her accomplishments, she said, I think things that stick out most is just the traveling and seeing so many new places and so many new rocks and meeting so many people seeing, also, how small the climbing community is. I mean, I’m in Europe and I meet someone in Magic Wood in the smallest little campground, and I meet someone that I met 10 years ago in Bishop, California, you know? It’s like – that kind of stuff is just like, ‘Oh wow!’ It’s kind of insane to me and it’s amazing how it connects people together. I think that’s probably one of the coolest things about climbing that I’ve discovered that I enjoy.

I mean obviously there’s the physical, like if you do a hard problem that you’ve worked hard on or that you thought was impossible, that’s also rewarding. I think the rewarding part is also just – okay, I’ll look at a problem and be like, ‘This is just possible.’ Or maybe you try another one and it’s impossible but then you figure it out, you figure out your beta and you end up, ‘Oh yeah, it’s possible,’ and then you do it. I think that also is pretty cool because you overcome something that you didn’t think you could do.”

Thomasina is a writer, photographer, coach, business owner and mother.

Thomasina has lived with her daughter in a van for the last 20 years, creating within her a deep love for nature.  She is very passionate about the future and advocates for a path that will respect the human and non-human world in a more sustainable way.  She is currently studying political science which aligns with her activism for environmental and social justice.  She can be a great inspiration to us all to continue to follow your dreams, even if it is outside of the norm.