The wood of these tables comes from Stronghold’s original climbing wall support structures recovered during its renovation in 2023. Stronghold was built in 1995 and this wood has been drying out behind the climbing walls for 28 years. The wood used in these tables are mostly Coast Douglas Fir and Rocky Mountain Douglas Fir, with the latter being slower growing and denser. These denser boards display narrower growth rings which suggest the trees were at least 70 years old when originally chopped down. We have estimated the age of the wood by counting the visible rings. Based on our estimates the wood you are touching first started growing as seedlings in the early 1900’s. 

We are proud to give this material a new purpose. 

Enjoy the comfort of this wood knowing it has supported thousands of climbers over its 28 years behind the walls. 

These tables will continue the legacy of the original Stronghold walls and will last at least another 28 years or longer in their new form. Doesn’t it feel good to make things that last.

We are pleased that there was enough pine and spruce wood available to make these tables, and more for other Calgary Climbing Centre gyms. We don’t just recycle; we reuse and use it well.

Martin S., Carpenter, Magic Lab Climbing, 2023