Group Size: There Are a Few of Us (2-8)

Get Stronger – Bouldering

You’re committed to taking your climbing to the next level and have been at it for long enough to know that it’s going to take persistence and effort over time to improve. Train with a group of like-minded athletes, with expert coaching, and get stronger…stronger fingers; stronger technique; stronger body; stronger climbing. Get Stronger is… Read more »

Get Better – Bouldering

Wondering how you can speed up your progress with bouldering? Our ‘Get Better’ program will help get you to that next level! Work with an experienced Bouldering Instructor and shave off years of trial-and-error and learning by failing; we’ll show you the fundamentals of bouldering movement and give you the keys to progressing. Our “Get… Read more »

Get Started – Bouldering

If you’re stoked to try bouldering but don’t know where to start, or would like some expert guidance to get you kickstarted, this program is for you! Our ‘Get Started’ session is a 2-hour intro to bouldering that covers everything you need to start sending. You’ll learn about the facility, equipment, and the different types of bouldering;… Read more »

The Sharp End

Is the fear of falling holding you back? In this course you will learn and practice the physical and mental skills that will help position you to progress to the next level in your lead climbing goals. You will also take a deep dive into the skill of making lead catches and learn to give incredible lead belays…. Read more »

ClimbPark Club

Designed for climbers aged 6 to 14, our ClimbPark Club introduces kids to the amazing sport of climbing while building their confidence through activities and games. Our goal is to create a positive, social environment that makes the physical challenge of climbing fun and rewarding. No experience required. Climbers must be 6 and up.  This program… Read more »

Outdoor Trad Lesson

There is so much rock to climb in the Rockies, but not every line is set-up as a sport route. Let our ACMG certified guides teach you how to handle whatever our local limestone throws your way. This course includes 2 days of training and outdoor climbing. You will learn the theory of and spend… Read more »

Scheduled Lead Checks

We are now offering scheduled lead checks, which will help us offer a more positive, less stressful check environment. These checks are 30 minutes in length and available during a 2 hour window, 3 days a week. These are perfect for anyone who needs a little coaching or a little more time. You must have completed… Read more »

Outdoor Rock Rescue

From the blossoming sport climber to the weathered and seasoned alpinist, everyone will benefit from learning the tools and systems presented in this course. This Rock Rescue course will help increase your confidence and knowledge of ways to get out of situations many climbers find themselves in. Fallen leaders, stuck ropes, injuries and weak seconds… Read more »

Outdoor Private Lesson

Have something specific in mind that you’d like to work on or a particular local area that you’d like to explore? Book a private outdoor lesson and get undivided attention from one of our certified guides. We can accommodate and teach in almost any setting.

Outdoor Multi Pitch Lesson

Ready for a view from the top? There is so much rock to climb in the Rockies, let our ACMG certified guides teach you how to handle whatever our local climbing areas throw your way. This course includes 2 days of training and outdoor climbing. We will introduce you to the skills required to climb multi-pitch sport… Read more »