Group Beginner Climbing Lessons

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Fun, teamwork and climbing!. Book your group in to come challenge yourselves. This two-hour class is highly recommended and will teach you the basic skills required to top-rope climb and belay. Learn how to put on your harness, tie the proper knots and manage the rope belay systems.  You and your partners will climb together under the supervision of our instructors. Let us coach you to success at the top.

This program is best for participants ages 12 and up.

Duration: Two hours is recommended.

Cost:All equipment is included. Participants must bring clean indoor shoes and a completed waiver form.

2 to 7 participants $45/person.

8 to 14 participants $40/person.

15 to 30 participants $35/person.


Email or call the facility of your choice to book your group in.

CCC Chinook: 403-252-6778 or [email protected]

CCC Stronghold: 403-276-6484 or [email protected]

CCC Hanger: 587-230-0189  or [email protected]

CCC Rocky Mountain: 587-231-9116 or  [email protected]