ClimbPark Party (1 Hr)

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Rocky Mountain CP

ClimbPark Party’s are great for Birthday Parties, Team Building and friends looking for something to do. Challenge yourself in a one hour ClimbPark Party.  Fun for adults and children.

Have fun trying our diverse wall elements. Under the supervision and help of our staff, participants can all climb at the same time using the auto-belay machines that help you climb and let you down automatically once you reach the top. You will slide, drop, jump and race on our unique and challenging walls. Participants can work together, complete a maze or race to the top.

Each session is 1 hour

Cost: $265+gst for up to 10 participants. Each additional participant is $20+gst each.

Details: Groups have access to their own party room for the hour after their ClimbPark session. Party rooms can accommodate up to 15 participants.

Participants must weigh between 40 lbs and 265 lbs and require a completed waiver form. We recommend this activity for ages 6 and up (but do permit 5 year olds when appropriate).

Two of our facilities have ClimbParks.  CCC Hanger in the north and CCC Rocky Mountain in the west.  Wall elements vary at each location.