Waiver Status Update

Event Date: April 4 | 2018

Location(s): Stronghold , Chinook , Rocky Mountain , Hanger

April 4th 2018,

It’s that time of year, we flipped the master switch, all existing Calgary Climbing Centre participants will need a new waiver. Yes, that means you too.

Streamline your next visit to our facility by filling out your waiver NOW! This one waiver is valid for all CCC locations. Here’s the link to it.


Next time you head to the gym, the front desk staff will ask you to fill out a waiver. Tell them you did it online and it will be quick and easy.  Alternatively, you can get in line and complete a new waiver using one of the provided gym ipads.

Thank you for your patience during this transition.



-Will this waiver let me climb at the new Calgary Climbing Centre Rocky Mountain facility also?

Yes…. when it opens.

-Can I climb at any of the CCC locations without this waiver?


-What happens if I don’t want to sign the waiver?

Nothing. It is your choice.

-Will I need photo ID to validate my waiver when I go into the gym on the first time?

Regular climbers with current CCC accounts (that have a nice picture of you) do not need to provide photo ID to validate their waiver. Everyone else will need to provide Photo ID.

-Is my belay certification still valid?

Yes. Waivers do not affect belay certifications.