Hanger Route Competition

Event Date: April 22nd | 7am to 4pm.

Location(s): Hanger

CCC Hanger Route Competition on April 22nd 2017. 

This competition is a two-route FLASH format.  That means that competitors get to climb two routes. The higher they go, the more points they get. Add them up ( via complicated square root of each ranking equation) and you get a winner. The Flash part means NO ISOLATION.  Competitors get to watch each other climb and come and go as they please. ” What if I’m climbing first?” you ask….. We also have a permanent video playing that shows you how to climb all of the routes.




Results for April 22 2017




Registration is now closed. Deadline for registration is April 21st at noon.


Official Running Orders as of 4/21/17 9pm

We have 6 groups starting at the same time for First Qualifier.


Group 1: youth D girls followed by Youth D boys

Group 2 : Youth C girls followed by Youth C Boys

Group 3: Youth B girls

Group 4: Youth B Boys

Group 5: Women’s Open ( youth A, Junior, Open)

Group 6: Men’s Open (youth A, Junior, Open)


All climbing for category groupings will start at the same time at 8:30am!!!  See below for check-in and details.




Here’s the results from our last competition at Stronghold….. LINK TO FINAL RESULTS FOR FEB 25th 2017 CCC Stronghold ACA Route Comp.

VIDEO PREVIEW HERE….when we’ve finished the routes….. available at 7am on April 22nd.
Please note the schedule below.

If you have questions regarding the competition, check with your coach or contact us at [email protected].


OFFICIAL SCHEDULE. ( as of 4/21/17)

7:00 AM ALL competitor check-in opens
7:30 AM Judges Meeting
8:00 AM Check-in closes
8:15 AM Technical Meeting
8:30 AM Preview Climb1
8:40 AM Climb1 Starts
11:10 AM Climb1 Ends
11:20 AM Preview Climb2
11:30 AM Climb2 Starts
2:00 PM Climb2 Ends
2:30 PM Awards
3:00 PM Alberta Climbing Association Summit & Gym Re-Opens to Public