Covid-19 Update

Event Date: Nov 26 | 2020

Location(s): Rocky Mountain , Hanger , Chinook , Stronghold , ClimbPark @ Hanger , ClimbPark @ Rocky Mountain

Nov 26th 2020 Update.


Hello Climbers,

We are still Open!

Thank you for your continued patronage and willingness to adapt your climbing experience in these Covid-19 days.


Please read the following carefully.


We have a New Check-In Process.


Our latest available # of Booking Time Slots was already under the mandated 25% occupancy rule so we are compliant there.

We are now making non-members prepay online. This will lower the gatherings at the front desk and speed up the check-in.

We will only accept drop-ins if we have available booking time slots. We strongly recommend pre-booking for all locations and hours.

New screening protocol at the front desk each time.

You must be symptom free. If you are awaiting the results of a COVID Test for any reason, you are NOT permitted to enter our gyms.


Also don’t forget to Check-Out each time.


No Show Policy.


Rescheduling or Cancelling your booking will make sure that other climbers can have access to our gyms.

Cancellations MUST be made via the APP or by replying to your confirmation email. Cancellations cannot be accepted by phone.
Reschedule your booking by booking your new climb time and then follow the cancellation procedures above. Rescheduling requests cannot be accepted by phone.

No Shows -$22 No Show fee charged to account.
Cancellation -No charge, if cancelled by 1 hour before start time.
Reschedule -No charge, if rescheduled by 1 hour before booking start time.

No Shows -Punch will be debited.
Cancellation* -No charge, if cancelled by 1 hour before start time.
Reschedule* -No charge, if rescheduled by 1 hour before booking start time.

No Shows -No refund.
Cancellation* -No charge, if cancelled the day BEFORE the booking. No refunds for same-day cancellations.
Reschedule* -No charge, if rescheduled by 1 hour before booking start time.




Updated Mask Policy.


Mask are mandatory at all times inside the Calgary Climbing Centre.


In response to escalating COVID cases, the practice of lowering your mask while climbing or exercising is no longer permitted.


We expect everyone to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth at all times.  This is not a game where we try to catch people. Thank you for making an effort, hopefully this will be over soon.



Positive COVID Response Procedures.


In the event of a positive Covid exposure. We follow these steps as quickly as possible.


-Gather all the information about the individual’s visit in our facility.

-Clean all affected areas from the entrance, check-in areas, changerooms, bathrooms, floors and cubbies.

-Notify all individuals that were in the facility at the same time as this individual. Our Check-in/ Check-out protocol and your account information gives us accurate tracing.

-Disinfect all the affected holds, walls, ropes and equipment.


Since re-opening in June 2020, we have had three instances of an individual visiting our facilities and then finding out they were COVID positive.  Two at CCC Rocky, and one at CCC Chinook.  We immediately followed the above protocol in all 3 cases.


At the Calgary Climbing Centre we continue to uphold a higher standard of cleanliness during this pandemic and we appreciate your cooperation with our enhanced policies and procedures.


A proper Check-in and Check-out from you all will make sure that we can contact everyone effectively if needed.

Masks, Hand Washing and Physical Distancing are still our best line of defense.




Download the CCC RGPro app to make and cancel bookings with ease.


Membership changes can be made at any time using our MEMBERSHIP CHANGE FORM.



Thank you.


Simon Villeneuve


Calgary Climbing Centre


Climbing, Together.