Climbing Photography clinic

Event Date: aug 28

Location(s): Hanger

Interested in sharing your climbing experiences with photos that show more than your partners butt?
This course is designed to give you an overview of the skills you will need to take your climbing photography to the next level.

The course will include:
1) Classroom session, including slideshow and photo editing demonstration.
2) Technical rigging session- how to fix a rope, ascend/descend and secure/position for shooting
3) Practical photography session

The slideshow will showcase some of the Bow Valley’s best venues and local climbers from the CCC, some discussion on techniques and tips for shooting and editing photos from the pros and then some practice on the ground and off the ground, rigging, shooting and climbing. Lots of hands on coaching will be given.

$75 per person
Includes access to ascending gear if required

Check out some of Greg’s photos below