CCC Athletic Therapy

Event Date: 01 | 2024

Nathan Hart is the CCC’s own Athletic Therapist. Nathan has been an active member in the CCC community for 13 years, where he competed on the youth team, and later transitioned to coaching youth teams, as well as the amateur and pro adult teams. Nathan’s understanding of the demands of climbing at a high level as well as Athletic Therapy make him well suited to develop a specific treatment and rehabilitation plan to get you performing at your peak again.


To start, Nathan will be working out of CCC Rocky Mountain and you can ask him questions by emailing him at [email protected].

You do not have to be a CCC member or even a climber to book in. Nathan has experience in a variety of adventure and collegiate sports and can help you get back to active living of any kind.

Follow Nathan @ccc_athletic_therapy to learn more about Athletic Therapy and keep posted on how it can help your active lifestyle.


Book in now so Nathan can get you ready !