Adult Development Teams

Event Date: Every Month

Location(s): Chinook , Stronghold , Hanger

Are you looking for a climbing coach?  Have you noticed how easy it is to do that route or boulder problem when someone shows you the way?

Our ADT groups are a great way to train in a team environment to improve all levels of your climbing.

Adult Development Team Blends technical training with regimented strength and conditioning routines.  Work with a coach to correct technical errors and build the strength you need to improve performance on your projects. On ADT you’ll follow a 4 week periodized training program designed to push your climbing to the next level. Intense efforts in both bouldering and sport climbing will be explored as participants cycle through technique, conditioning, endurance, strength, power and stamina phases. Sign up now and see how coaching can transform your climbing!

Price: $125 / 4 weeks with 8 sessions. Day Pass not included.

Participant Age: 18+

Minimum Requirement: Top rope belay. C3 boulder and 5.10 routes.

This program will run for 4 weeks. Training twice a week. That’s 8 sessions at a time.

This program is planned as an ongoing training plan. Usually the cycles will work around a 3 month macro timeline. Participants who are actively registered in an Adult Development Team will have priority registration for the next available session.

You can register for this class via our Programs page

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