ACA Youth comps Feb 5 & 6

Event Date: 02 | 5-6 | 2022

Location(s): Hanger , Rocky Mountain

Great work everyone. Here are the links to results.

Saturday Feb 5th Difficulty Results

Feb 6 Speed Comp 10m Final Results 

Feb 6 Speed Comp 15m Final Results 


Schedule for Sunday Feb 6th remains the same.

Athletes can each have one spectator come with them if interested in watching.

Speed at CCC Rocky Mountain.

8am Gym opens

8:15am Check in for Youth D, C
9am Youth D & C Speed Practice & Qualifiers & Finals

12pm Check in for Youth B, A and Junior
1pm Youth B, Youth A and Junior Speed Practice, Qualifiers & Finals

Every category will get
2 warm-ups.
2 head to head qualifying runs.

Elimination rounds for top 4,8 or 16 per category. (depends on category sizes)
Youth D & C will climb on modified 10m wall.

Youth B, A and Junior will climb on classic 15m wall. ( and yes the blue holds will be gone for the afternoon rounds!)

Results are up at  Great Job everyone!


Saturday Feb 5th Schedule at Hanger remains the same.

Only ACA registered coaches are permitted to enter. No Spectators for this event. Sorry.

Athletes, Coaches and Volunteers will be required to show proof of vaccination to enter. Please have your QR code ready to scan. ID required for adults.

7:45am Gym opens
8am Competitor check-in for Youth A and Juniors.
9am-11:30am A,JR Athletes compete on two routes. Lead

12pm Competitor Check-In for Youth B athletes.
1pm-3:30 B Athletes compete on two routes. Lead

4pm Competitor Check-In for Youth D and C athletes.
5-7:30pm C,D Athletes compete on two routes. Top Rope


Running Orders – CCC Hanger – A_Jr

Running Orders – CCC Hanger – B (updated 6:24pm)

Running Orders – CCC Hanger – C D

If there are any errors in the running order, please contact [email protected].

There is no Final for this event.
Flash Format. Athletes get to watch each other climb. No iso. Video Preview of each route will be available.

Route breakdown. by Categories.

Preview videos.

Anchor 6 Blue  Cmf, Dmf  toprope

Anchor 13 Black  Bm

Anchor 15 Red  Bf, Af, Jrf

Anchor 17 Yellow  Bm, Am, Jrm

Anchor 20 Orange  Am, Jrm

Anchor 28 Blue  Af, Jrf

Anchor 21 Green  Bf

Anchor 23 Pink  Cmf, Dmf toprope



Volunteers Needed!

Saturday SignUp link.

Sunday SignUp link. 

Thank you!


No Spectators permitted for these events.

Registration for both events is now closed.


We are super excited to host some ACA Youth events on Feb 5th and 6th 2022.

Route Comp @ CCC Hanger on Feb 5th, 2022

Speed Comp @ CCC Rocky on Feb 6th, 2022


At this time there are no spectators permitted for these events.

We will need volunteers to help with these events.  Info and sign up for those positions will open shortly.


Coaches must be registered with the ACA to be permitted in the Facility.


Here are the registration links.