2019-2020 CCC Youth Teams and Tryouts

Event Date: Sept 4th 2019

Location(s): Chinook , Rocky Mountain , Hanger , Stronghold

Did you miss tryouts? Do you want to train on a motivated youth team from now until end of May?

email head coach [email protected] to check into the possibility of joining now.



Overview of our CCC Youth Teams:

The CCC has one of the largest youth climbing programs in Canada. We take pride and work hard to offer a challenging and supportive environment for our athletes at every stage. We have amazing coaches that teach your new or elite athletes how to improve their climbing and ignite passion for the climbing lifestyle, all while making new friends and finding a great community to be a part of.  


Athletes typically enter our programs at the Sport level. Throughout the season, coaches conduct assessments that gauge when an athlete is ready to advance to the next team level. Opportunities to move up through our programs are awarded automatically as the season progresses. 


Our athletes train the full range of disciplines as the year progresses: Bouldering, Routes, Speed and Outdoors. Our teams and CCC Team events will rotate across our 4 locations to maximize training terrain and keep the motivation high!


Our program has four team levels that athletes advance through as they improve.  It may take a few years to progress from one level to another. We look at climbing level, climbing potential, interest & performance in competitions, teamwork and coachability and team/location availability when recommending team placements. That said, all our teams are fantastic places to learn, find friends and improve your climbing. It’s important to remember that the level of your team does not dictate your climbing ceiling. The key for everyone, from newer climbers to national champions, is to consistently put your best effort forward (and have fun while doing it), the rest will take care of itself. 


Team Levels:

Sport- New and intermediate climbers work with coaches and peers to develop technique, skill and strategy and learn what it means to be a CCC athlete. Climber’s participate in fundamental strength and conditioning training and learn about performance strategies at CCC team in house events. This is where it all begins.

These athletes are coachable, want to train and are focused on improving their climbing.


Development – Athletes are selected to this team when they demonstrate high levels of skill, strength, dedication, sportsmanship and continuous improvement. This group of focused athletes work together to advance their climbing movement, technique and strategy. Training programs are tailored to target the specific needs of the individual, as well as the unique strengths required to climb well. Athletes are encouraged to compete at both the in house CCC events, and some of the provincial ACA (Albertaclimbing.org) sanctioned competitions. 

These athletes know how to train and consistently climb 5.11+/5.12- routes and boulder C5’s.


Performance – This team is about making breakthroughs in an environment where highly talented and focused athletes push limits together. Only athletes with notable dedication, discipline, sportsmanship and climbing ability are selected to Performance team. Athletes train hard and follow individualized plans to peak for the competitive season. Athletes are pushed to be the best that they can be in training, competition and all facets of their climbing. Athletes are expected to compete at Local and Provincial level sanctioned competitions throughout the season.

These athletes train to improve and consistently climb 5.12 routes and boulder C6 and up.


Elite – Our top team for competitive athletes who demonstrate outstanding ability and dedication to our sport. Elite athletes take training seriously, strive for excellence and put in hours of hard work to improve in all facets of their climbing. Athletes selected to Elite team are role models who build track records of notable performances in competition, training and outdoors. Athletes are expected to compete at the National level in multiple disciplines.

These athletes plan for Nationals and consistenly climb at the upper ranges.

Here is the link to the fall/winter schedule.

2019-2020 Youth Team Schedule

Sport and Development options are available at all locations. The Performance and Elite groups train at multiple locations each week.


Want to be on team?

Come show us what you’ve got at tryouts! You’ll do a climbing assessment with our coaches, get to meet the CCC crew and ask any questions you might have. By the end of the week, you’ll find out if you’ve made the team!

2019/2020 Tryout Dates & Registration:    September 4, 5, 6 2019.

Tryout Registration available HERE.


Team Fees for this year. Each athlete requires a membership also.

Training dues.

Youth Team Sport $140 +gst/month
Youth Team Development $175 +gst/month
Youth Team Performance $225 +gst/month
Youth Team Elite $250 +gst/month

Multi membership needed for performance and elite levels
Single facility membership needed for sport and development levels

But multi recommended for those who want to diversify climbing and/ or participate in speed club.



Summer Youth Team Info available HERE.

Summer Advanced Training Camps available HERE.