12 Days of Christmas Sale

Event Date: Dec 12th to 23rd | 2016

Location(s): Hanger , Chinook , Stronghold


CCC Chinook, Stronghold and Hanger are excited to announce the 12 days of Christmas Sale.


Dec. 12th- All Hats, Scarves and Headbands   30% OFF
Dec. 13th- All Belay Devices, Draws & Biners 15% OFF
Dec. 14th- All Evolv Shoes                              15% OFF
Dec. 15th- All Harnesses                                 25% OFF
Dec. 16th- All Women’s Tops and Bottoms      35% OFF
Dec. 17th- All Men’s Tops and Bottoms           30% OFF
Dec. 18th- All La Sportiva Shoes                     15% OFF
Dec. 19th- All Chalkbags and Chalkbuckets     20% OFF
Dec. 20th- All Fiveten Shoes                           15% OFF
Dec. 21st- All Scarpa Shoes                            15% OFF
Dec. 22nd- All Ropes, Gloves & Guidebooks 20% OFF
Dec. 23rd – 2017 Outdoor Leading Rock (ONLY) courses 25% OFF  (Via Stronghold Only)

Gift Cards available online HERE or at each CCC location.