We offer a wide variety of programs for all age groups and skill levels. To confirm your spot in any of our programs is simple and takes only a couple of minutes:

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Drop-In Climbing

Come in and climb anytime in our large ropeless bouldering areas or use our auto-belays that let you climb to the top without a partner. These are both great ways to try climbing for adults and kids ages 6 and up. We offer enough variety for the beginner to have fun and for the expert to stay interested. No experience required.

Cost: Facility Day Pass and Rentals if necessary.


Come in and climb anytime in our large bouldering area. We offer enough variety for the beginner to have fun and for the expert to stay interested. No experience required.

Cost: Facility Day Pass and Rentals if necessary.



Our ClimbParks offer an entirely original climbing experience. It’s a fun zone with 21 vertical challenge elements where participants push their limits on our Jump Tower, Maze wall, Balance Pillars, Freefall Slide, Speed walls, Spider Web, Floating Cubes, Disappearing Holds and more. Staff supervise at all times.

No experience required.

Cost: $20.00 per person per 1-hour session.

Details: Sessions start on the hour. Participants must weigh between 40 and 265 lbs., have signed a waiver form and be wearing clean, non-marking shoes and socks. We recommend this activity for ages 6 and up but do permit 5 year olds when appropriate.

It’s best to reserve a spot via our online booking form but you can just drop in too.

Two of our facilities have ClimbParks. CCC Hanger in the north and CCC Rocky Mountain in the west. Wall elements vary at each location.

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ClimbPark Party

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Summer Camps

Register for a CCC Summer Camp. We offer week-long camps for ages 4-14. These camps are available during the summer months.

Participants will climb and learn with our instructors in a fun and challenging setting. We are climbers, it’s who we are, what we do and we’d love the chance to share our passion for this sport.

We offer half day and full day camps at all locations. No experience required.

Select your desired location and then camp.

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Day Camps

This 1-day camp is great for new or returning climbers. Participants will explore each gym, climb the walls, boulder and get some belaying and knots experience.

Climbers who are with us for more than 1 day will get to experience more advanced terrain. Participants will be grouped by age and experience.

Cost: $50 +gst, per participant, per day. We encourage climbers to come more than once. Different walls and activities will be available.

Camps run on most school holidays and breaks, daily from 12pm-4pm.

Participants must be aged 6-14. No exceptions. All climbing equipment is included with this camp except for climbing shoes. Participants can wear runners or rent climbing shoes for $5/day.

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First Step Beginner Lesson

Give climbing a try! If you’re interested in climbing but don’t know where to start, we can show you the ropes (so to speak). This two-hour class is highly recommended and will teach you the basic skills required to top-rope climb and belay. Learn how to put on your harness, tie the proper knots and manage the rope belay systems. If we’ve done our job, you might just catch the climbing bug yourself!

Cost: $40.00 or FREE with purchase of a one month pass.* All equipment and post lesson belay check included.

Time: This 2 hour lesson is available many times a week at all locations.

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Family Beginner Lesson

Families that climb together, stay together. Right? Similar to a regular beginner lesson, this 2-hour class focuses on ensuring that both children and parents feel comfortable climbing as a team. Adults and children 9 and up will learn how to belay each other. Children 6 and older will learn how to put on their harness, tie their knot and check their belayer. No experience required.

Cost: $35.00/person. Minimum of 2 participants per Family. All equipment included (please bring clean athletic shoes).

Time: You must pre-register. Classes typically run on weekend afternoons.

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Designed for climbers aged 6 to 8, Nanos introduces kids to the amazing sport of climbing while building their confidence through activities and games. Our goal is to create a positive, social environment that makes the physical challenge of climbing fun and rewarding. No experience required.

Cost: $80.00. Must pre-register. Harness Rental included (please bring clean athletic shoes).

Time: 1.5 hrs for 4 weeks. Available every month.

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Junior Club

The Junior Club, for ages 9 to 14, is an exciting introduction to our structured youth programs. Clubs meet once a week for challenging sessions of climbing in an inclusive environment. Knowledgeable staff teach critical skills while encouraging camaraderie among club members.

Cost: $80.00/month. Equipment not included. You can purchase or rent before each session.

Time: 2 hrs per week for 4 weeks. Available every month.

Participants MUST know how to toprope belay and tie in. We offer 1 hour pre-club lessons for new participants.

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Daytime Climbing Club (ages 6-14)

Our Daytime Climbing Club is an introduction into a structured youth program. Each club meets once a week for a fun session of climbing in a social and instructive environment. Climbing skills and technique will be taught while playing various climbing related activities and games.
For kids 6 to 14 years old.

Participants over 9 years of age will be taught how to belay each other. Younger participants will be belayed by the older kids and will use the auto-belay machines. Participants will be supervised by our instructors as they belay each other.

This is a 4 week program. 2 hours each week.
Cost is $80 per month.

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Development Youth Teams

The Elite,Development and Sport team programs are designed for athletes who want to get more serious about climbing but aren’t quite ready to compete. Aimed at ages 9-18, teams meet twice per week and train with two dedicated, experienced coaches. Our goal is to introduce young climbers to the team training environment, commitment and competition.

Details: Tryouts held every September.

Updated info will be posted by July 1st.

Current info as it comes out. HERE

Elite Competitive Youth Team

The Climbing Centre is proud to support its very own Competitive Youth Team. Competitions are mandatory, and dedicated coaches train team members for high performance local, national and international competitions.

Details: Tryouts held every September.

Updated info will be posted by July 1st.

Current info as it comes out. HERE

Scheduled Lead Checks

We are now offering scheduled lead checks, which will help us offer a more positive, less stressful check environment. These checks are 30 minutes in length and available during a 2 hour window, 3 days a week. These are perfect for anyone who needs a little coaching or a little more time.

You must have completed your Top rope belay checks in advance.

Please remember that the belay check is not a lesson; you are expected to prove competence in all assessment areas. During a scheduled check our staff will be either a certified instructor, and will be happy to coach you and your partner to improve your skills, but not learn new skills.

This service is not available during an unscheduled check.

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Lead Climbing Lesson

Now that you are getting good at the climbing basics, the next progressive step is to learn how to lead. This 3-hour course teaches you skills and concepts required to safely lead climb and lead belay indoors. Say goodbye to your old friends. You’ll never want to leave the gym!

Cost: $99.00. Rentals not included.

Book online.

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Building the Basics Technique Class

Climbing is the ultimate full-body workout that we want you to enjoy for years to come. Learn proper technique in order to improve more quickly and to avoid chronic injury. In this 4-week class, we will teach you where, how and why to apply various climbing techniques as well as skills such as resting on the wall, back stepping, foot placements and body positioning. You will be amazed at how quickly you can improve with a few helpful pointers.

Cost: $109.00. Rentals not included.

Details: 2-hour class for 4 weeks. Participants must know how to toprope belay before taking this class.

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Adult Development Teams

The Adult Development Team blends technical training with regimented strength and conditioning routines. Work with a coach to correct technical errors and build the strength you need to improve performance on your projects. Intense efforts in both bouldering and sport climbing will be explored as participants cycle through technique, conditioning, endurance, strength, power and stamina phases. Sign up now and see how coaching can transform your climbing!

Cost: $125 / 4 weeks with 8 sessions. Day Pass not included.

Details: Prerequisites – Toprope Belay and climbing C3 or 5.10

Register for this program at your location of choice. You can speak to the front desk staff or give them a call.

Private Instruction

Enjoy some alone time with your wall. Our experienced instructors can help you get a better grip on challenging techniques or topics in a focused session designed just for you.

Cost: $40.00/hour for one person. Add a second person for and additional $25/hour.

Equipment Rentals and Day Pass not included after your lesson.

Book online or call your location of choice for more options. At this time, only the CCC Hanger let’s you book private lessons online.

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