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We offer a wide variety of programs for all age groups and skill levels. To confirm your spot in any of our programs is simple and takes only a couple of minutes:

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Adult Development Teams

The Adult Development Team blends technical training with regimented strength and conditioning routines. Work with a coach to correct technical errors and build the strength you need to improve performance on your projects. Intense efforts in both bouldering and sport climbing will be explored as participants cycle through technique, conditioning, endurance, strength, power and stamina phases. Sign up now and see how coaching can transform your climbing!

Cost: $125 / 4 weeks with 8 sessions. Day Pass not included.

Details: Prerequisites – Toprope Belay and climbing C3 or 5.10

Register for this program at your location of choice. You can speak to the front desk staff or give them a call.


Our ClimbParks offer an entirely original climbing experience. It’s a fun zone with 21 vertical challenge elements where participants push their limits on our Jump Tower, Maze wall, Balance Pillars, Freefall Slide, Speed walls, Spider Web, Floating Cubes, Disappearing Holds and more. Staff supervise at all times.

No experience required.

Cost: $20.00 per person per 1-hour session.

Details: Sessions start on the hour. Participants must weigh between 40 and 265 lbs., have signed a waiver form and be wearing clean, non-marking shoes and socks. We recommend this activity for ages 6 and up but do permit 5 year olds when appropriate.

It’s best to reserve a spot via our online booking form but you can just drop in too.

Two of our facilities have ClimbParks. CCC Hanger in the north and CCC Rocky Mountain in the west. Wall elements vary at each location.

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Competitive Adult AM Team

This small adult team is hand picked to train, compete and help develop training for athletic development within the Calgary Climbing Centre community.

AM TEAM Minimum Guidelines: Must compete (All CCC competitions, 4 competition minimum). Must climb 5.11a or higher and boulder C3 (Men and Women)

Tryouts are usually held each summer for the following fall/winter competition season.

Email for more info.

Competitive Adult Pro Team

This small team of elite climbers are hand-picked to train together and compete.

PRO TEAM minimum guidelines: Must complete All CCC comps, 4 comp minimum. Must climb 5.12a or higher and boulder C4 (Men and Women).

Tryouts are usually held each summer for the following fall/winter competition season.

Email for more info.

Lead Climbing Lesson

Now that you are getting good at the climbing basics, the next progressive step is to learn how to lead. This 3-hour course teaches you skills and concepts required to safely lead climb and lead belay indoors. Say goodbye to your old friends. You’ll never want to leave the gym!

Cost: $99.00. Rentals not included.

Book online.

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Outdoor Lead Lesson

Now that you’re feeling comfortable with climbing, the next step, is learning how to lead climb. This program will teach you everything you need to know to sport climb and lead belay outdoors.

This course includes 3 hours of indoor training, where we practice clipping, lead climbing and lead belaying with a GRIGRI before moving outdoors for a full day lesson.

Outdoors we focus on building and cleaning lead and top rope anchors. You will learn how to clean anchors on both a lower and rappel using a range of equipment options.

Cost: $225, Personal climbing equipment can be provided if needed.

Book online or Call to register: 403-276-6484

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Outdoor Multi Pitch Lesson

Ready for a view from the top? There is so much rock to climb in the Rockies, let our ACMG certified guides teach you how to handle whatever our local climbing areas throw your way.

This course includes 2 days of training and outdoor climbing. We will introduce you to the skills required to climb gear and multi-pitch routes; safely and with confidence.

You will learn about placing gear, building multi-directional anchors, belaying from above, anchor transitions, route reading and more.

Cost: $375 per person. Group discounts may be available. Gratuities not included.

Book online or Call to Book: 403-276-6484

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Outdoor Private Lesson

Have something specific in mind that you’d like to work on or a particular local area that you’d like to explore? Book a private outdoor lesson and get undivided attention from one of our certified guides. We can accommodate and teach in almost any setting.

Cost: $750 for one person, $100/ for additional persons (up to 6). All equipment included.

Gratuities not included

Call to Book: 403-276-6484

Outdoor Rock Rescue

From the blossoming sport climber to the weathered and seasoned alpinist, everyone will benefit from learning the tools and systems presented in this course.

This Rock Rescue course will help increase your confidence and knowledge of ways to get out of situations many climbers find themselves in. Fallen leaders, stuck ropes, injuries and weak seconds can all cause problems when attempting a climbing objective. This course will help you overcome some of these challenges.

This specialty course includes 2 full days of outdoor climbing, with instruction on rescue techiques from below and above. Some of the skills learned include escaping the belay, raising an injured, passing a damaged section of rope, as well rope ascending and lowering options for individuals and teams.

Cost: $375 per person. Group discounts may be available. Gratuities not included.

Book online or Call to register: 403-276-6484

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Private Instruction

Enjoy some alone time with your wall. Our experienced instructors can help you get a better grip on challenging techniques or topics in a focused session designed just for you.

Cost: $40.00/hour for one person. Add a second person for and additional $25/hour.

Equipment Rentals and Day Pass not included after your lesson.

Book online or call your location of choice for more options. At this time, only the CCC Hanger let’s you book private lessons online.

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