CCC Adult Competitive Teams

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The CCC is pleased to announce this year’s Adult Competitive Team Members. 

We look forward to seeing all of them training hard in the gyms and representing CCC at 2016-2017 comps. 


Elite Team: coached by Bonar McCallum

Eveleigh, Marc
Eveleigh, Scott
Thompson, Eva
Tucker, Sam
Weber, Alyssa
Weldon, Stacey
Sethna, Elise


Pro Team: coached by Bonar McCallum

Derksen, Mark
Drager, Kelly
Gauk, Marko
Gillis, Jared
Li, Samantha
White, Joel


Am Team: coached by Nathan Hart

Buzath, Emma
Carron, Scott
Chenier, Stephen
Elgar, Jennifer
Janke, Brogan
Riches, Brandon
Roberts, Evan
Waldick, Jason
Whelan, Cassandra
Freudenthaler, Ivan