Event Date: Every weekday | One hour sessions between 10am and 2pm

Location(s): Hanger , Chinook , Stronghold

Ever had a person at the climbing gym give you a piece of advice that let you unlock and send a problem or a move?  Our goal is to be that Pro. Every day.

The CCC is launching an exciting new daytime drop in program. SESSIONS. A simple way to improve your climbing with flexible coaching that suits your lifestyle. The aim is to cover absolutely every aspect of indoor climbing and help you get better. Sessions are taught by highly skilled CCC coaches who can help you improve all facets of your climbing. Sessions run for one hour and cover a single topic. The schedule rotates daily to keep things fresh and offer a variety of options that work with your schedule.

Sessions are for everyone! Whether you are just beginning your climbing journey or have been climbing for years, our pros can help you become a better climber, they can show you how to do that move.  Climbing is a sport of continuous practice, dedication and persistence. Sessions will keep you on track and moving towards your goals!

Sessions are divided into four categories that cover all aspects of training, climbing and performance. Each category has a number of focuses. Your sessions coach will introduce a topic for every hour at the beginning of the class. Here’s a peek at what to expect from Sessions!


Better – The focus of a “Better” session is to become an all around better climber. Topics range from developing specific techniques to exploring movement and analyzing strategy. Better sessions also focus on the body and improving mobility. A better session will leave you feeling better about your body and better about your climbing!


Stronger – The focus of a “Stronger” session is to develop climbing specific strengths to help you become a stronger climber. Stronger sessions operate both on the wall and off the wall and use a variety of training equipment as well as specific climbing strength drills. A Stronger session can focus on isolating a specific body part such as the shoulders, or core, or it can focus on how the body works together as a system when practicing strength. A stronger session will push you to dig deep and make some serious strength gains!


Power – The focus of a “Power” session is to become a more powerful climber both in body and in mind! Power is the explosive application of strength, so you can expect short spurts of high intensity efforts in your session! Intense sessions focusing on powerful movement, powerful training and maximum efforts. 


Fighter – The focus of a “Fighter” session is to get you to dig deep and push yourself in all facets of climbing. Fighter sessions cover many diverse topics such as stamina training; the ability to climb at your limit for longer, and projecting; the process of achieving new limits and personal bests. Fighter sessions can also focus on boosting fitness and toning your body with interval training and circuit training. Whether your fighting the pump, fighting your fears, or fighting for a high point on your project, you’re guaranteed to get a great workout and put up a fight in a fighter session!


Sessions Schedule for all 3 gyms. Each facility will host a Pro Coach to help you from 10am to 2pm every weekday.

No sign-up required. Just show up. Take one or take them all. Mix it in with your regular climbing.

All you need is a Pass…….and to get off the couch!  (day pass, month pass, 10X pass, year pass, etc.)




MONDAY May 15 TUESDAY    May 16 WEDNESDAY May 17 THURSDAY  May 18 FRIDAY         May 19
10:00-11:00  Better  Stronger  Fighter Power Better
11:00-12:00  Power  Better  Stronger Fighter Power
12:00-1:00  Fighter  Power  Better Stronger Fighter
1:00-2:00  Stronger  Fighter  Power Better Stronger




MONDAY May 22 TUESDAY    May 23 WEDNESDAY May 24 THURSDAY  May 25 FRIDAY        May 26
10:00-11:00 Stronger Stronger Fighter Power Better
11:00-12:00 Better Better Stronger Fighter Power
12:00-1:00 Power Power Better Stronger Fighter
1:00-2:00 Fighter Fighter Power Better Stronger




MONDAY May 29 TUESDAY    May 30 WEDNESDAY May 31 THURSDAY  June 1 FRIDAY        June 2
10:00-11:00 Stronger Fighter Power Better Stronger
11:00-12:00 Better Stronger Fighter Power Better
12:00-1:00 Power Better Stronger Fighter Power
1:00-2:00 Fighter Power Better Stronger Fighter


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